What is an Inspired Workplace?

Inspired Workplaces™ are the best employers in the marketplace. Period. These are workplaces with people who are so engaged & empowered that they’re Inspired. These are the leaders who know that millennial isn’t a dirty word. Instead, they’ve empowered and harnessed the most connected generation in history, and are reaping the benefits.

Our certified members know that the workplace has changed. They also know that employees today are demanding a better workplace experience. Our members know this because they are champions of employee engagement, work-life integration, and transparency. They have been leaders in this ever changing landscape because for them it isn’t a challenge, it’s business as usual.

We want to recognize the organizations living up to this challenge. And if your brand isn’t quite there yet, but aspires to get to Inspired, we have the tools and experience to empower you to get there.

Join the Inspired Workplace™ Community; together we can make the workplace better for everyone.


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