Why Get Certified?

We have to do better than engaged, we have to be Inspired. Our members have pushed the bar past engaged, and deserve to be recognized for it. With an Inspired Workplace™ Certification you can advertise how Inspired your workplace is to customers, stakeholders, and potential employees.

Inspired Workplace™ is building a community with one goal: We want everyone’s work experience to be better, safer and more empowering. How do we get there? It starts with telling the world about our community of members. These brands are pillars of innovation, and are living proof that change doesn’t have to be scary. Their market dominance shows that healthy, happy, Inspired people are like jet fuel for the engines of success.



Access to all Inspired Workplace™ activities: webinars, meet ups, and our 2019 conference. Meet and learn from your peers: The most group of employers on the planet. Be a part of the solution: We all succeed together.


An Inspired, and engaged, workplace has measured and proven results: - 25-65% lower turnover - 21% higher productivity - 22% higher profitability - 37% less absenteeism


Our process has been refined over a decade to deliver benchmarks to drive your business. Get actionable survey results and benchmarks you can use right now.


PR exposure as an Inspired Employer. We’ll help you spread the word about your certification far and wide.

How does it work?

It's all about you.

The first step is you do tell us about your workplace, and what about it is Inspired?

Diversity In real life, not just in your handbook? High five!

Your office is a dog-friendly oasis? Thumbs up!

Truly generous parental leave? Sweet!

Tell us how you really feel.

Inspired people can’t stop talking about their workplaces, so we connect directly with your team via an electronic survey, finding out exactly how Inspired they are.

We want to hear them brag about you.


The results are in!

This isn’t a pass or fail exam, because your business isn’t in high school.

Our experience means that if we find something isn’t working, we have the tools and partners where you are to get you back on track.

We’ll let you know what you need to improve, and help you get there.

Flaunt it.

If your people and systems are Inspired, you will receive your Inspired Workplace Certification. Most Excellent!

You will receive your certification mark, and can proudly display it for the year.

As an Inspired Workplace you have concrete benchmarks on your people practices, and the the recognition to attract and retain the very best employees in your market.

Sound good? Join the Inspired Workplace Community!
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